What is luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is the biggest invention in the flooring industry in the recent times. Although vinyl flooring in the form of sheet vinyl is well-known for many years, luxury vinyl flooring is relatively new. The word “luxury” is also a key component here as it differentiates this type of vinyl flooring from sheet vinyl. Thanks to its natural look and easy installation, luxury vinyl flooring gained popularity among homeowners and is now considered to be the hottest flooring solution available on the market. There are two main terms related to luxury vinyl flooring: LVT and LVP. LVT stands for luxury vinyl tiles, so imitation of stone, ceramic or concrete tile looks, while LVP refers to luxury vinyl planks that are imitation of real wood planks.

Why luxury vinyl flooring?

  • 100% water resistant. Ideal for both bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Easy installation. Can be placed over existing subfloor. Easy to remove.

  • Low maintenance. Needs only routine cleaning.

  • Durability & stability. Dense core material for no expansion and contraction.

1. UV cured urethane coating

Enhanced protection against sunlight. Increased abrasion/scratch resistance.

2. Wear Layer

Easy to maintain transparent film that protects decor film.

3. Decor Film

Decorative layer that imitates stone, ceramic, concrete or wood.

4. PVC Core

Extra dense material made from vinyl chloride enforced with fiberglass for better stability.

Application & installation

List of the most popular wear layer thicknesses and applications:

  • 0.15 or 0.2 mm wear layer — Class 21/22 (moderate or general domestic) — bedroom, living room, entrance hall
  • 0.3 mm wear layer — Class 23/31 (heavy domestic or moderate commercial) — living and dining rooms, entrance hall, corridor, hotel bedroom, conference room, small office
  • 0.5 mm wear layer — Class 23/32/41 (heavy commercial or moderate industrial) — multipurpose hall, counter hall, department store, electronic assembly, light engineering
  • 0.7 mm wear layer — Class 23/34/43 (general or heavy industrial) — storage room, electronic assembly, production hall

LVT and LVP offers several different installation options:

  • Peel & stick (self adhesive) — There is a layer of glue already applied on the back of the plank/tile which is protected by paper. As the name suggest paper has to be peeled off which allows the user to stick the plank/tile directly on the subfloor. This is mostly very cheap, entry level option
  • Glue down (dry back) — Unlike peel & stick this type of luxury vinyl flooring does not have glue applied on the back. During the installation glue has to be applied on the subfloor before placing the plank/tile. The biggest difference between dry back and peel & stick is that the glue for glue down luxury vinyl flooring is much stronger and there is simply more if it. This makes the installed planks/tiles much more stable.
  • Loose Lay — Loose lay luxury vinyl flooring has a special grooving on the back side of the plank/tile. It usually comes as a thicker and thus heavier product, so the weight keeps it from moving around. There is no glue required for this type of installation. Loose lay luxury vinyl flooring is often used as a temporary flooring solution
  • Click — The most popular solution in luxury vinyl flooring due to very easy and fast installation. At the same time click luxury vinyl offers great stability.