Engineered vinyl flooring vs. WPC

Engineered vinyl flooring is a new generation of luxury vinyl flooring. This new generation of luxury vinyl flooring has engineered construction that is similar to engineered wood flooring. It consists of the light but rigid composite core (4 or 5 mm thick) and luxury vinyl flooring top layer (1.5 or 2 mm thick). Thanks to advanced technology VinylTechLab fuses both layers under high temperature during manufacturing process. High-end and more expensive engineered vinyl flooring can also come with cork backing or foam underlay attached to the back. WPC abbreviation is widely used in the industry to describe engineered vinyl flooring but the term itself is misleading. WPC refers to “wood plastic composite”. Composite of this kind was the original core material in the early existence of engineered vinyl flooring and is still used to manufacture cheaper engineered vinyl flooring. Since WPC core contains wood particles, the whole core is still hydroscopic. Unlike other manufacturers, VinylTechLab uses special composite that does not contain any wood particles which makes its engineered vinyl flooring truly waterproof.

What is the construction of engineered vinyl flooring?

  • Luxury vinyl flooring top layer (PVC base, decor film, wear layer, UV cured coating)

  • Waterproof composite core (light and stable composite without wood particles)

  • Underlayment (cork backing or foam underlay)

1. Wear Layer with UV Coating

Easy to maintain transparent layer to protect decorative film. Performance enhanced by UV cured urethane coating.

2. Decor Film

Decorative layer that imitates stone, ceramic, concrete or wood.

3. PVC Base

Extra dense base material made from vinyl chloride that offers great stability.

4. Waterproof Composite Core

Light, rigid and truly waterproof composite.

5. Underlayment

Cork backing or foam underlay.

Why engineered vinyl flooring is an interesting option?

  • 100% waterproof. No wood component in the composite core.

  • Free of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and formaldehyde. VinylTechLab engineered vinyl flooring does not contain any chemical substances harmful to the environment and humans which is proven by certificates from various agencies.

  • Easy installation that requires minimal subfloor preparation. As a result of its thick construction, VinylTechLab engineered vinyl flooring hides all subfloor imperfections.

  • Quiet and warm. Enhanced performance achieved by optional backing solutions like cork or foam underlayment.

  • Affordable. Perfect for homeowners and all kinds of small and large commercial projects such as stores, restaurants and offices.

  • Environmentally friendly. VinylTechLab engineered vinyl flooring is 100% recyclable and thanks to wood-free composite core helps to reduce deforestation.